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Exhibit 21.1

List of Subsidiaries

Name of Subsidiary

  State of Organization
Crosstex Energy Services GP, LLC   Delaware
Crosstex Energy Services, Ltd.   Delaware
Crosstex Pipeline, LLC   Texas
Crosstex Pipeline Partners, Ltd.   Texas
Crosstex Gulf Coast Transmission, Ltd.   Texas
Crosstex Gulf Coast Marketing, Ltd.   Texas
Crosstex CCNG Gathering Ltd.   Texas
Crosstex CCNG Marketing Ltd.   Texas
Crosstex CCNG Transmission Ltd.   Texas
Crosstex CCNG Processing Ltd.   Texas
Crosstex Treating Services, Inc.   Delaware

List of Assumed Names

Name of Subsidiary

  Assumed Names
Crosstex Energy Services, Ltd.   Crosstex/WRA Gas Services, Inc.
Crosstex Treating Services